Monday, October 09, 2006

Now we are home...

We have safely arrived back in Portsmouth and are missing Riga already. The residency was the most fantastic experience and we both feel that we achieved so much on many different levels. We met some lovely people and experienced life in a very optimistic European city (well that's how we perceived it).

We would like to thank the Arts Council England and Gill Ord and Keran James (and the others we haven' met yet) from Braziers International Artsits' Workshops - for their generous funding and support.

We would like to thank Aija Freimane the co-ordinator of the e-t+t residency space and wish her every success for the project in the future. We would also like to thank Agnese and Signe from 'Art Home' RIXC resdiency project (and Davis for IT support).

Lastly, a very, very BIG thank you to Vineta Kaulaca for her incredible professionalism, kindness and friendship and for doing a fantastic job of looking after us and pointing us in the right direction. Vineta you're a star!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sneek Preview

A Retrospective Latvian Poster Art Exhibition

Today we had the opportunity to have a sneek preview of an exhibition of poster art 'Public Mirrors' which isn't due to open till Wednesday at the Arsenals Hall. Martins Heinrats, Head of the Artists' Union very kindly arranged for us to see it. They were still installing it but it was really fascinating artwork. Obviously we couldn't photograph it, but above are some of the enlarged posters used to advertise the exhibition. Follow the link above for further information.

There is a lovely tradition in Latvia. Whenever an artist has an exhibition opening it is customary for visitors to take the artist flowers (or a single flower) to their private view. Above are flowers from Vineta and Juris, which unfortunately we will not be able to bring home with us.

Archaeology of Reality

Yesterday we went to another event at Andrejsala in another adapted building. The buildings here create an interesting environment for exhibitions as they largely disused industrial buildings in a poor state of repair. The exhibition was called Archaeology of Reality, and showed the work of 5 Scandinavian and 3 Baltic female-artists: Annika Eriksson (Sweden, Germany), Ann-Sofie Siden (Sweden), Eija-Liisa Ahtila (Finland), Gitte Villesen (Denmark), Ann Lislegaard (Norway), Katrina Neiburga (Latvia), Ene-Liis Semper (Estonia) and Kristina Inciuraite (Lithuania). The exhibition was very strong. All exhibits were video installation. For more information follow this link:

Saturday, September 30, 2006

The last few days ...

Our residency is now nearly over. Our presentation went well and we have a day left to relax before we return.

A couple of stills from Mike's animation Milda's Song:

The same piece projected in the e-t+t residency space:

Paintings displayed as part of presentation in e-t+t residency space:

Thursday, September 28, 2006

We have moved ... again

We have now moved from the 'Art Home' at the Artists' Union and have moved back to the original e-t+t residency space where we stayed for the first two weeks. We are now preparing for our open studio presentation tomorrow where we will show the work we have created and give a slide presentation of our previous work.

The Artists' Union Building:

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Studio Visit

Well we haven't been posting for a while due to the fact that we have been working hard to finish our work here. However, this evening we were invited to the studio of artist Inga Bruvere to see her work and share a bottle of wine. Inga participated in the Braziers International Artists' Workshop in 2002, so it can be a small world! Whilst at Braziers Inga made a very interesting piece called 'Tea Time' based on the British obsession with tea drinking (also mentioned elsewhere in this blog). In this piece the tea cup and saucer was moved from the table to a plant covered pond, creating the illusion that the surface of the water was stable. Inga's studio is stituated in the Artists' Union building where we are currently staying.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Exhibition and Book Launch

Daiga Kruze Exhibition:

(Apparently the guy pictured above with glasses translated the Harry Potter books from English to Latvian.)

Maris Bisofs' book Launch:

Last night we went to an exhibition opening at Pedants Gallery to see work by a young artist called Daiga Kruze - beautiful work.

We then went to a book launch at Istaba Gallery. The book is called 'My Latvia, Too' by Maris Bisofs who is an illustrator who has produced cartoons for the New York Times amongst others. He was very charming and of course signed our book.